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Hearns Hobbies
295 Flinders Street, Melbourne

​Tucked away beneath Flinders Street Station, at our last social we found ourselves in a series of chambers packed floor to ceiling full of activities and exciting distractions!

Hearns Hobbies has been Melbourne’s go-to hobby store since 1947. Whether you are interested in model planes, trains and automobiles or jigsaw puzzles, drones and miniatures – Hearns has it all!

Nostalgia filled the spaces as members reminisced about childhood pastimes – whilst others discovered new and exciting things to collect, build and play with. Something that we were all lucky enough to discover together was the Japanese construction toy, LaQ, from which you can build anything using just 7 types of block parts. The satisfying sound of pieces snapping together in place to bring objects to life filled the room as members eagerly clicked together their own LaQ sets. A triceratops, vespa, manta ray and rocket ship were amongst the selection of nifty kits.

As always, there were those who followed the instructions, those who let their imagination take charge and those who were simply too distracted by the incredible selection of model cars to care! Guests were lucky enough to not only play with these Japanese building blocks, but to also take them home! A huge thank you to the teams at LaQ and Hearns Hobbies for this special treat !

We also thank Eduardo from Ginger Olive for putting together a delicious menu of Modern Australian fusion to fuel our evening. We highly recommend you pop your head into this friendly new family restaurant on Manchester Lane !

As busy business owners, it was such a pleasure to take a break from the paper work and daily stresses to simply play in the cave of wonders that is Hearns Hobbies. Thank you to hobby experts Nic, BJ and Nathan for sharing their world with us.