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It’s on!

May 25th, 2013 — Festival of St/Eve

Morning folks, are you ready to celebrate Steve?

Quite the modern man is Steve – offering you some fashion styling, design, food, coffee, booze, books, bands, shoe-shines*, billiards tuition, barber, beer sampling and a bunch of really interesting presentations and demonstrations including illustrators, cocktails, comedy, tech and style. Really, what more could you want today?

Come see that guy at Kelvin Club on Melbourne Place** until 6pm today.

This place looks slick!

Cheers, Steve.

*Wear your best shoes.

**The Kelvin Club is off Russell Street, between Bourke and Little Collins. You know James Squire and the Greater Union? It’s opposite that, up the laneway. Behind the 4D cinema, yes, this exists.

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