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M/FW Retail Activation

August 7th, 2019 — News

The M/FW Retail Activation aims to encourage M/FW consumers to visit City of Melbourne stores.

The activation will work as follows:

- Consumers sign up to the M/FW newsletter (via iPad) to register for a ‘lucky dip’ prize at the activation in the MFW Forecourt at Melbourne Town Hall
- Consumers are then invited to choose their lucky dip prize envelope which contains a store offer
- Consumers take their offer in-store to redeem
- The activation design is an oversized fan that is folded out and includes individual boxes that are fixed to a shelf
- The activation will be staffed by M/FW team members who will talk through the steps with consumers to encourage interaction

The M/FW Retail Activation will be located in front of the Melbourne Town Hall as part of the M/FW Forecourt

- The MFW Forecourt and Retail Activation will be open daily during Melbourne Fashion Week from 11am from Thursday 29th August to Thursday 5th September
- This space is free entry to the public
- 250,000 people pass by this space throughout the M/FW week
- 10,000+ fashion engaged audience will attend Town Hall runways and enter the building via the Forecourt
-This highly visible space is not ordinarily available for commercial promotions, so this is a unique opportunity only accessible through M/FW

Terms and Conditions

- Offer must be valid from Thursday 29 August to Thursday 5 September 2019
- Offer must be 50 words or less including key T+Cs
- Logo must be supplied
- Minimum investment of 50 offers per retailer
- Retailers/Stores must be based in the City of Melbourne municipality
- Briefing of staff in-store on retail offers and terms and conditions is the responsibility of the retailer
- Retailers can extend existing VAEFNO offers for this promotion if appropriate

How to get involved

- Register your offer via this form by Wednesday 14 August 2019
- Provide offer redemption statistics to M/FW post event
- M/FW will manage the rest!

The M/FW Retail Activation provides the following benefits to participating retailers:

- Opportunity to promote your brand to thousands of M/FW consumers
- Direct call to action for in-store visitation and purchase
- Promotion of the Retail Activation through MFW promotional avenues and social media
- Offer listing on the MFW website (over 300,000 page views)

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