Nic, Hearns Hobbies

Hearns Hobbies is still open and offering help in finding people new hobbies to enjoy at home, both indoor (or outdoor for those that have a large back yard!). We have strengthened our online operations to ship a much larger number of orders every day as well as our customer support for phone orders and pick ups.

We are working on a number of new digital projects to help our customers see what is new and get new ideas. We are going live once a week on Youtube and Instagram where anyone can join in and ask questions; we do live unboxing, quick tutorial and show new products. As our doors are closed and customer are only allowed in limited numbers we have more time towards content creation, join our Youtube channel for tutorials and product reviews.

We invite our customers to call for advice rather than come in store, and have the resources to help them over the phone. Over the next few days we will be launching a video chat sales/support service
as well. We can prepare orders so that clients just need briefly swing by for pick up.

Sally, Styled by Sally

As a personal stylist, Sally Mackinnon spends a lot of time dressing the top end of town. Since coronavirus took hold, she’s become something of an expert in sourcing great loungewear, the category of clothing that’s become the virtual uniform of the masses as people spend 95 per cent of their time at home.

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Maria, Laneway Learning

Laneway Learning has naturally pivoted to online classes. It was important for us to keep the safe feeling and style of our regular classes so we decided to go for LIVE sessions as opposed to pre-recorded content or downloadable courses.After a bit of research we decided on ZOOM as it allowed a “waiting room” option so we can tick attendance like our regular classes, a class host does our normal intro speech and then the teacher takes it from there. We use the chat for questions and comments and we play music when the class is hands on.

We were amazed at how fast teachers and attendees adapted to the new medium and how eager they were to keep contact and the community alive. This is our 2nd week of online classes and numbers have tripled already!