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With City Precinct being a part of the Precinct program - a City of Melbourne initiative; this page provides you with information from City of Melbourne and other educational topics which may be useful as a member.

The City of Melbourne also delivers a range of marketing and communication activities throughout the year, aimed at driving visitation and supporting the city’s events, attractions and local businesses.

As a business in the City of Melbourne municipality you can harness a number of promotional opportunities to help support your business or event. From getting involved in the City of Melbourne campaigns to accessing their online and social media channels, there are a range of ways to help grow your profile.



The biggest opportunity is the social network you gain from engaging with other like-minded businesses in the CBD. For about $8 a month, come and join the committee to engage, drink, eat and learn from each other!


Educational evenings where you come and learn from speakers and local businesses.


Utilise our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Have something going on with your business? Flick over an email and let us know. Our member profiles are also on a rotation throughout the year, which also makes for an easy repost on your own channels.


Holding an event? Let us know and we can give you a plug on our City Sessions website - our consumer facing website.


Opportunities to be involved in:

· Festival of Steve

· City Sessions

· MTIE (presented by Destination Melbourne)

· Precinct Photography Project

We are always on the lookout for new projects and opportunities for our members, so be sure to let the committee know if you have any project ideas, and keep an eye on your emails for our newsletter to stay up to date with new projects.


City Precinct was fortunate enough to have 2 members of the City of Melbourne Marketing team at our event to speak with our members and here are a few pointers:

  1. First and foremost... create a business listing on the City of Melbourne website!!! This is the easiest way for City of Melbourne find you and to link content on their website to you. To create a listing click here
  2. High quality imagery - what would make YOU look at an image when you scroll through your own social media?
  3. #melbmoment - use this hashtag for everyday activities. This makes it easier for City of Melbourne to see your image and inspires others to be curious about your image. Curiosity creates fans; creates advocates!
  4. #inmelbcity - use this hashtag when you have an upcoming event or you are at an event... better yet, USE BOTH HASHTAGS
  5. How to be featured and lead time:
    1. What's on website Business Listing - ASAP (click here)
    2. Twitter - 48 hours
    3. Facebook - 3 days
    4. Newsletter - 4 weeks
    5. What's On blog - 4 weeks

Information regarding the City of Melbourne marketing can be found here


There has been a lot of talk about this new domain name .melbourne

Why is everyone talking about it?

Is it worth using it?

If so, why?

How will it benefit my business?

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