Art Aviso is an online arts platform designed by Beth Hulme with input from Artists, Galleries, Art collectors and Developers to connect the elements of the art world and a resource that provides the online juncture point of Artists, Galleries/Art Institutions and the Art audience together, in the one online space.

We are an art community (not an online marketplace); sharing art, ideas, and opportunities, creating collaborative relationships in the online space and strengthening all of these connections by producing real world exhibitions and events, for the benefit of our subscribers.

We create opportunities for artists to participate in professionally curated art events and exhibitions in spaces they may not have experienced, and without the prohibitive costs sometimes associated with exhibiting. We aim to provide opportunities from a cross section of our subscribing members from emerging to mid career artists, from diverse backgrounds and using a variety of creative mediums.

Gallery and Artist subscribers can build a profile on the site, which enables them to post art, exhibitions, events, artist talks, workshops, residencies, call outs, creative news and appear in location searches. Art Lover subscribers can follow their favourite Artists and Galleries and receive email notification when they post on the site as well as receiving invitations to Art Aviso events and exhibitions.

We then share all the good stuff posted to the site by our subscribers, through social media.