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My business consists of 3 parts:

1. I’m a gay marriage and funeral celebrant. I marry everyone – LGBTIQ+ and straight couples. The same with funerals. But my specialty is catering to the LGBTIQ+ community. No matter who the clients are, my constant aim is to draft and deliver a ceremony that reflects them and is authentic to them.

2. I’m a fully qualified trainer. I train other celebrants in marriage and funeral celebrancy. I also train corporates and wedding suppliers in LGBTIQ+ Inclusivity. That ensures that when I refer suppliers to LGBTIQ+ couples, I know the couples are in safe hands and will be treated with the respect they deserve. For corporates, it means they get to understand the LGBTIQ+ community much more, learn how to market to the LGBTIQ+ community and work with members of that community with respect and authenticity.

3. I conduct the only Wedding Expos in Australia that specifically target the LGBTIQ+ community – under the brand name Showcase Melbourne. These expos are small, intimate and safe – and couples from across the LGBTIQ+ community are assured they can be themselves and they don’t have to come out to each wedding supplier when they attend. It is mandatory for all suppliers at these expos to undertake my one-day LGBTIQ+ Inclusivity course.