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Business in Control is a bespoke management consultancy with Dr Sue Saunders as principal consultant. A client relationship begins with an initial Business Review to help you identify how to "run a better business" making use of intelligent information systems and the Business in Control (BIC) financial planning model.

Every business is at a different stage in the development of its information system depending on maturity of the business, type of business, skill of the management team, growth profile and other factors. Making use of the BIC Model is not always the first step to achieving control of your business. Sue will outline a plan of action that will allow you to improve planning and control of your business that may or may not involve using the BIC Model. For example, if your point of sale system does not reliably interface with your accounting system giving you an accurate measure of inventory, then that problem has to be addressed as a first priority.

Initially you can concentrate on identifying those aspects of the business that will improve performance and in consultation with Sue who will use the BIC Model to develop your business's unique financial model. As time progresses, you will be able to see the benefits that the software brings in showing you trends in past performance. These data will help you predict and guide your business into the future. Each month, in consultation with Sue, you will see how the BIC Model measures your actual performance against plan using a process designed to help you run a better business bit by bit.

Sue's experience has shown that implementing a truely effective management control system in your business takes time. Attention must be paid to the integrity of data flows in the company. No amount of smart software will overcome poor systems or unreliable data sources. Most businesses need help in this area as well as going through the set-up procedure for implementing the BIC Model. Sue works closely with you and your business to help you make a real difference.

If you are not sure whether the BIC Model and associated management control system is for you, go now to the survey page on the BIC website and let Sue know some of the characteristics of your business. She will contact you with advice concerning a possible programme that is most suited for your business.