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Leisa Bayston – Bayston Group


Bayston Group is a boutique Business Law practice owned and operated by Leisa Bayston and her business and life partner, Alister Bayston. Specialising in the legal needs of Australian businesses big and small, Leisa and her team understand how stressful it can be for business owners to overcome barriers in the legal environment.

Since its establishment in 2009, Bayston Group’s office has always been in Melbourne’s CBD. With clients from all over Australia and overseas, they still manage to find their identity and energy from the art, culture and history of the streets in Melbourne. Their office on Flinder’s Lane adopts a New York loft style, boasting a garden roof top and tennis court. It is a centre of inspiration and collaboration for the staff and clients alike.

Leisa and Alister identified a gap in the market where there was a need for legal advice as a “one-stop shop” in the entrepreneurial sector. They both pounced at the opportunity to build a business together, bringing with them over 25 years of experience across large law firms, accounting firms, in-house roles and now in their own boutique practice.

What sets Bayston Group’s practice apart from the others is their ability to provide prompt legal advice while committing to collaborate with clients using the latest cloud technologies and efficiencies:

“We’ve worked at the big end of town, but we’ve designed our law practice to be the opposite. We’re lean and we move fast.  When you call, you speak to us, and we tell it like it is. Our advice comes quickly and is to the point”

As members of City Precinct, Leisa celebrates the diversity and vibrance within the group and also acknowledges the connection and support offered by City Precinct during these challenging times.

“City Precinct made us feel part of a community who was working towards the survival and ultimately thriving of Melbourne City! I also value the opportunity City Precinct gives me to be part of and contribute to the post COVID rejuvenation of the CBD.”

Bayston Group are committed to making business owners’ lives easier with their various areas of practice and years of experience. Leisa has left us with one piece of advice that may benefit us as members: “Your brand may be your biggest asset and to protect it you should consider registering a trademark. Give me a call and we can have a chat about it – we charge a fixed fee for the application and registration process.”

You can find out more information or contact Bayston Group by visiting the following links:

Bayston Group website

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