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Nic Poltronieri, Hearns Hobbies


Hearns Hobbies storefront
Hearns Hobbies storefront

Hearns Hobbies is one of Melbourne’s most iconic retail businesses since it opened in 1947, and one of the first sights for many CBD visitors as they exit Flinders Street Station.

A unique store filled with an array of model kits, locomotive sets, puzzles and more. It welcomes customers (better known as hobby enthusiasts) the opportunity to disengage from outside distractions and explore the various model displays and kits.

Nic Poltronieri – Owner of Hearns Hobbies

“We are of the belief that a person’s hobby is one of the best escapes from the day to day grind. Giving the mind a chance to think of something different and letting your body as a whole, relax and enjoy something entertaining. While also subtly keeping your skills sharpened, your spirits heightened, and your passion well and truly alive.”

Nic Poltronieri is the owner and director of Hearns Hobbies. Originally from Italy, Nic and his family now call Melbourne home. Nic’s background is in civil and industrial engineering and has spent almost 10 years working in the Middle East, supplying the construction industry.

After purchasing Hearns Hobbies in 2014, Nic continues to provide a special experience to all customers by sourcing exclusive products from different parts of the world and more recently, manufacturing small models within Australia, like the W-Class Melbourne Tram Model Kit:

While continuing the hobby shop’s legacy, Nic brings passion and dedication for the business and innovation by building a profile on various digital platforms. With measured success in numerous step by step tutorials and informative content on the Hearns Hobbies YouTube channel, Nic and his team appeal to customers by providing a strong online presence and support.

As President of our Committee, Nic enjoys networking with other members and is passionate about helping them achieve success within their businesses. “Personally, I have been involved in the City Precinct Committee for a few years and my mission is to share my experiences and offer support to other members to see them succeed and grow. Being a business owner can be challenging at times, however, having a network that you know you can talk about your situation is extremely important. A 5 min chat can turn your day!”

If you are ever near the area, pop in to the Hearns Hobbies store! The team will do their absolute best to assist you with what you are looking for.  

“Meeting with other business owners and operators gives me an opportunity to learn and discover things that I didn’t know existed!

For more information about Nic and Hearns Hobbies visit: