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A recap of the past year at The City Precinct


Another year has come to a close at The City Precinct. Tonight is the annual general meeting, where a new committee will be ushered in. This is a quick recap of the projects we completed in the past 12 months.

Member Count

We currently have 129 active members. Just the second year in which we have had over 100 members.

Monthly Committee Meetings

The committee continued to meet monthly – at The Kelvin Club when possible.

Social Events

We hosted 8 social events (only one was online) aimed at connecting and empowering our members. This included a session on how using scents can improve sales, a headshots event, and of course a great Christmas party.

The Video Project

We hired a videographer and created professional video for 40 of our members. The final products can be viewed on Youtube.

Laneway Learning Events

We sponsored 4 events hosted by Laneway Learning, aimed at helping the mental wellbeing of our members.

Summer Walking Tours

We hosted CBD walking tours that brought 200 people into the city. You can read more about that here.

Professional Services

We ran two allotments of our professional services. This allowed our members to access services like a lawyer, accountant, photographer, video editing, Google advertising and more. Costs were 100% covered by The City Precinct.


We received in excess of 50k in grants to use for future projects. Stay tuned for when we announce the projects.

New Website

We recently launched a new website, with an updated look.